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Athens travel

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Useful Information

 Nautical and Port maps of Leros 

sunset.jpg (26271 bytes) How to get to Leros:
  • By airplane: Leros is connected to Athens by plane from the west part of Hellenikon Airport. There are regular flights year round. Leros airport lies in the north part of the island, near Partheni. A taxi or a local bus will take you round the island.
  • By ship: The ship to Leros (general) (or Blue Star Ferries, Dodekanisos Naftiliaki, Dane Sea Line) leaves from the harbour of Piraeus. There are regular, daily boats. The distance is 171 nautical miles and the trip takes 11 hours. Ferry boats also commute to Kalymnos, Kos, Rhodes and to the cities of Kavala and Thessaloniki. You can take your car with you and so be free to move around as you like. The island has a good road network and most of the roads are paved. You can also rent a car or a motorbike on the island for touring. There are a number of excursions from Leros to the surrounding islets while there are daily connections with Kos, Kalymnos, Leipsi and Patmos by speed-boat and other craft. Leros has many well organized markets with shops to cover all a visitor's requirements.


Useful telephones (22470):

  • Harbour Master's Office Piraeus: (21) 4226000
  • Harbour Master's Office Leros: 22224
  • Olympic Airways Athens: (21) 9666666
  • Olympic Airways Leros: 22844, 24144
  • Municipality of Leros: 23711
  • Police: 22222
  • Taxi: 22550, 23070
  • Hospital: 23251
  • Radio Leros: 24255
  • Radio "Artemis": 23575
  • T.V. Leros: 25222
  • Library: 24294, 22937
  • Tourist Information Office at the Harbour of Lakki: 22937
  • O.T.E. (Greek Phone Company) Leros: 22899
  • Camping: 22236
  • Post Office: 22929, 22587


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Note: Kos is an island next to Leros so the weather is almost the same.

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